Learning Next.js & React

January 20, 2020

My goal with this blog is to experiment with new tech and use it as a way to jot down what I'm learning.

Right now I'm focusing on a few things:

  • Next.js - this is a hot topic these days in the community and I'm really interested in the performance benefits, such as static site generation.
  • React - because I can't learn Next without it.
  • Netlify - because I need to host this somewhere. I was toying between Netlify and Vercel and decide to go with Netlify. Vercel makes Next.js so I wanted to try another provider and not have too many eggs in the same basket. Both Netlify and Verel offer free starter/tinkerer/personal plans so I can always try Vercel later.
  • The base code for this blog is based on the Next.js starter blog template.
  • Coding in VS Code because its baller.